To Serve With Heart

T-40, T-65 and T-65 Plus

T-40, T-65 and T-65 Plus have a purpose of preserving different kinds of cephalopods and therefore extending their shelf life, eliminating bad smells and taste and granting them a great visual liveliness while keeping all its organoleptic properties. 


Range of Application : Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, baby squid, rings of squid and other kind of cephalopods.


Function : Bleacher. Strengthens the water retention ability of cephalopod proteins.


Advantages : The combination of the stabilisers, preservatives and antioxidants in these products give to the cephalopods a permanent fresh appearance and special whiteness.


Method of Application : T-65 and T-65 PLUS products are both presented as a white powder which is a water-soluble with a slight agitation. 
They are applied diluted in water with different dosages of the additive depending on the treated product, and combined with T-40 at a ratio of 0,5-1% w / v (weight-volume).
The T-40 is presented as a colourless liquid.


Storage : Keep in a cool and dry place and avoid exposure to sunlight.